How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea

1: Water It all starts with the water. I could probably write the importance of clean water for the rest of my life. It really is simple though. Buy water that is purified by reverse osmosis. This is another subject I find myself extremely passionate about. Not only...
The Start of Our Long Awaited Journey

The Start of Our Long Awaited Journey

For the last 6 years, my mom, Lori, and I have been dreaming of having a tea shop. It started with the idea of a brick and mortar store front. Our dreams started from a simple conversation about how much fun it would be to own a tea shop and boutique. I make soap and...
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The Perfect Cup of Tea

How to Choose and Brew the Right Tea For You!

Most people know tea is good for you and it is. Did you know, however, if it is not organic then it is sprayed and laden with toxins and pesticides? This little e-book was written with the hope that you'll learn a little bit more about tea, how to brew it and what ingredients to look for when choosing a good quality tea.