Hi everyone!

So much has happened since our first post in February!

We have moved into our new manufacturing facility and are working on blending and bagging all of our amazing teas. We have been back and forth about using an outside manufacturing facility and have come to the decision to hand blend and bag ourselves. That gives us so much more control over the quality that we want our customers to enjoy. Plus, we like being able to create something ourselves. It’s been an amazing and eye opening process.

We are planning a soft launch within the next couple of weeks and will coming out with 16 teas. As of now we have a handful of teas on the website ready for purchase.

We are diligently working on our website, trying to make it as user friendly, clean and eye catching as possible. Building a website isn’t new to me, per se but building an ecommerce site has most certainly been interesting. Bear with us over the next few weeks while we continue to work out the kinks and get all of our teas on there and available for purchase.

Please take advantage of our first time buyer discount of 25% off using the code MYLOYALTRIBE.

We are so excited for this journey!

God bless!


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