Creating premium, organic, and hand blended teas… for you.

Let us help you break the cycle of unhealthy choices. We are here to guide you. You can start making small decisions that will impact your health and get on a journey to feeling great. Get some for yourself and family because our blends are created for your health, but drink our tea because it’s delicious!

We are promising you the utmost attention to detail as we grow together in what is sure to be our life’s work. Talk to us and let us know what you think. After all, this is our adventure together. 

Revamp Your Medicine Cabinet!

Herbs have been used since the dawn of time to help us with everything from everyday small ailments to lifelong health issues. Our organic teas are packed with herbs that are known for their medicinal properties! Let’s start reaching to our tea cabinet first!

Ramp Up Your Immune System!

Feeling a little under the weather? Or were you exposed to someone coming down with something? It’s important to keep your immunity up! You may not be able to stop a cold but you can certainly do what you can to lessen the symptoms if they come on. ImmuniTea helps boost your immune system with the best known organic herbs.

Make that Milk, Mama!

Mama’s have so much to worry about. Don’t let milk supply be one of them. Our Mama’s Makin’ Milk Tea was hand created by a nursing mama of 4 that has been through it all, in terms of nursing hurtles–especially under-supply. It can be so stressful on mama. We try our best to give our baby liquid gold but sometimes, our milkies just don’t want to keep up.

Keeping Those Kids Calm!

A great way to have a little more peace at bedtime is adding some calming herbs to the bedtime routine! Perfect sipping tea for story time or before bath time. It’ll help calm your kids for a snuggle night of slumber.

Getting to Know us… and how we can help.

Hi Everyone, Just a quick note of heartfelt thanks to you our customers and friends. We, my daughter Victoria and I want to express our gratitude to each one of you, for engaging with us. You have expressed your experiences with our tea and with our company in such a...

A Great Cause!

Since the very beginning of our journey, we have been talking about donating a portion of our profits to an organization that we both feel passionate about. is that organization for us. They provide clean water to people who do not have immediate access to...

Nearly Ready to Launch!

Hi everyone! So much has happened since our first post in February! We have moved into our new manufacturing facility and are working on blending and bagging all of our amazing teas. We have been back and forth about using an outside manufacturing facility and have...

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