We have the famous and oh so popular Earl Grey, there are 4 of them for you to choose from. All have organic Italian oil of bergamot.

*Earl Grey Noir

*Earl Grey Verde

*Earl Grey Black & Green

*Earl Grey Lavender

*English & Irish Breakfast teas,  as well as our Classic Chai, right now this one is my absolute favorite, see more detail below.

We have our English and Irish Breakfast Teas, (these are delicious as all our tea(s) are),they are a good strong Black tea, great alone or you can do as I do and add a teaspoon of Classic Chai or even a specialty herbal tea like Inflammation Ease. Black tea and herbals can be blended together as you choose, because they are both prepared with boiling water.

*Cranberry Orange , very popular nice Indian Assam tea with cranberry flavor and bits of real orange.

* Se Chung Special Oolong, partially oxidized tea, perfect middle ground between a green and a black tea.

*Tumeric Chai to me this is about as good as it gets. Tumeric is known to help with inflammation & blended together with our chai, in a word, fantastica!

*Yerba Mate, this one takes a bit of know how, but it is worth it.

The following are organic herbal teas and they do not have caffeine:

*Warming Red Berry the cranberries and hibiscus flowers are the perfect paring for the subtle flavor of cayenne and chilies.

*Orange Spice, this is one of our most aromatic herbal teas, lovely citrus aroma with spicy clove undertones. If you like spice this one is for you. I love this one in the evening because it is an herbal so no caffeine.

We created these herbal teas so they can not be found anywhere else.

ImmuniTea, organic elderberries and so much more… (see the herbal tea section in our tea collection for all the important details.)

*Good Morning VitaliTea, organic green tea, flowers and fruits for an energy boost, this one is moderately caffeinated due to the green tea.

*Road to Relaxation, our proprietary, chamomile Blend with peppermint leaves, mmmm this is a good one, and helps prepare our bodies for sleep, or any time you need/ want to bring on the calm.

*Tulsi, aka holy basil, tulsi has tons of antioxidants, the research points to this one helping people who have issues with inflammation, important to read more details right here on our website.

*Inflammation Ease, this one has organic turmeric & organic ginger root, etc. see more detail listed once you click on this tea further in our website.

*Sacred Heart, lovely balance of ginger, lemon and coriander notes with a sweet fruity aroma from the pure lemon oil. This is another of  my families fav’s and a lot of you are in to it too. Good taste, you have I might say.

*White Tea, if you are looking for a high end tea, look no further, this is our White Tangerine. This is a luxury tea.

*You might not know this but we have special teas for our Moms out there. * Stomach Soother, this one helps settle our stomachs not just for Moms. Mama’s making Milk &  Uterus prep & recovery tea, also Calm Kid – Our grand kiddo’s love this one before bed.

We even have our specialty tea

*Ease into the change of life.

We, Victoria & I worked hard to to create our Tea Collection  for you.  Please check back often as we will add teas periodically. We will probably have one with ingredients known to help ease headaches.

We created each blend with a purpose and at the same time to taste delicious.  Organic Tea & herbal tea ingredients that you can see smell & taste the difference. All loose leaf , real tea, Not crushed up powder in plastic tea bags sprayed with toxins/pesticides. We wanted better for you… we created better for you and hand blended them, in small batches. You owe it to yourself to give it a try…a full size bag of premium tea for less than a $10.00 bill.


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