It all started with Good Mornin’ VitaliTea.

One of my morning rituals, if you will, is to make myself a pot of tea… I have been doing this daily since, my Husband Tom and I came back from our trip to Ireland, in 2005. Tea, is enjoyed in Ireland with gratefulness, and necessity, of which I certainly relate. Being of Irish descent, in part, tea has been a presence in my life since I can remember. But not quite like this. This is what I call, “making a presentation,” of my tea drinking experience.  So in looking to start my day with the right tone and frame of mind, I adopted this practice and made it my own. This is my way of doing things, I am discovering about myself. I enjoy discovering things, then tweaking them to enhance my life. “You may be that way too.”

But now…

Thirteen years later, I have made a few changes in my morning ritual. (You might be thinking, well I hope so.) Hang in there with me, please. What I mean is… Gone is the hand- painted porcelain teapot with Irish Shamrocks, not far away though, in a safe place. You have served me well, my “trusted companion.” Back then you would find Earl Grey black tea, in my treasured teapot, almost daily. Now my tool of choice is my Kitchen – Aid electric tea pot with an infuser. You can see it has the different temperature settings with the ease of the slide of the finger.

Still one of my go to teas is Earl Grey black, (however, now that I am a Co-Owner of our “Fine tea” company) we, (BTW) are all about organic loose leaf, hand blended, hand packaged teas’. (This is who we are as a company.)

Let me tell you about Earl Grey Noir, which is our version of this robust and thanks to the bergamot; aromatic blend, that is “steeped ” in tradition. * wink*  Yet, somehow always fresh! The only way I would give up starting my day without ” my trusted stand by ” is to look to my talented Daughter and Business Partner Victoria. Researching ingredients, and their benefits extensively, Victoria came up with our Good Mornin’ VitaliTea blend. We have been told, the flavor of our morning blend is delicious and it helps bring a stable energy throughout the day. Yes, we agree!  Just right hot hot or iced cold.

Sometimes I take a teaspoon full of our Earl Grey Noir and maybe a half or even whole teaspoon of our “morning blend,” and brew them together. It’s important to note the significance of bringing the water to the desired temperature, for me, that is ” hot,” about 203 degrees. Also, purified water. This is an important “tweak” that I adopted years ago. (See more about the significance of purified water, in one of my other blogs, How to Make a Perfect Cup of Tea.)

I usually bring my hot tea of choice in my “cool ” thermos with one of my fav’s, as the mood strikes. To me, this is like having a nice variety of clothes and more importantly beautiful accessories; a closet/ cupboard full of different pieces/ blends are a must have. I enjoy my favorites, however, I still want to have choices to change things up. Yes, for the taste, of course, but the main reason is for the benefits of the ingredients.

Please give our fine tea blends a try if great-for-you-ingredients are important to you. Keep coming back because of that and because of the flavor of our blends. These are important reasons. However, I think you will find in just a short while you will feel better physically and if you take a few moments while preparing your chosen blend to take some deep breaths and sip and breathe in the aroma, (ahhh!) your mind and emotions will be in just the right place. You deserve a minimum of 5 minutes to yourself every morning.  Usually, I find when my day starts out “right,” I am stronger and easier to be around. I like to take that time to think positive, grateful and thankful thoughts. For me, I like to speak these words out in prayer to my Lord. This helps center me and a great way to start any day.

At the end of the day, our evening tea, or anytime you want to help yourself relax, you’ll want to have plenty of this one on hand, I am sure. We call this blend Road to Relaxation. If you love them, as we do, you might want to have both of these teas in your kitchen at all times. Our VitaliTea and Relaxation are also packaged together at a discounted price because Good Mornin’ VitaliTea and Road to Relaxation are designed to book-end your day.

Speaking of our Road to Relaxation blend, it is a blessing to me. I have always been the kind of person who had to stop drinking tea with caffeine by about 2pm or I would be “wide eyed” most of the night. Until Victoria put our Chamomile blend together, I didn’t realize on the days I have caffeine later than 2ish, there was a simple fix and it was this; I discovered, if I make a few cups of our relaxation blend,  gone is the “wide awake” in the middle of the night hassle. Praise God! It is amazing to me and something I am so thankful to have found this consistently works for me. So, if I need a bit more energy on any given day, I can have it. I am no longer nervous about loosing sleep, a girl needs her beauty rest, ya know!? Restful sleep is so important. If you are like this too, I think you will be happy deciding to give our blends a try. You are important to us, we are here for you, to help you make little decisions that can have a great impact in your life.


We pray, above all else, that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers (3 John 2)