The power of just 1 choice, hmmm!

We make them all the time. Many choices every single day. Like for instance, what time to set the clock every morning. Sometimes we do things out of habit. Saying, “this is what I have done for years.”


Let’s say you have had enough. Enough of just feeling ok. Ok about life… not un-happy but not thrilled either. Needing more energy & even vitality.

The reason I talked about the clock is something I have noticed with my fellow humans, when we make excuses we say to ourselves … “I don’t have the time.”

“I don’t have the time to exercise,” for instance, “or I’m too tired,” we say to ourselves. Might sound something like, “there is no way I am getting up any earlier.”


We stay in that realm of I wish I felt better, had more energy to do all the things I need to and want to accomplish.

But, what if you never make that 1 little choice…things stay the same, or worse. But what if you Did…lets say … 1 year from now how would your life change if you used that momentum?

What is that choice for you? What would it take to get the momentum going for you?

Is it to go to bed 1/2 earlier… I hear you “whaaaat, I need to relax and zone out in front of the tv or scroll through social.”

What IF you, with your 1 little choice, you say to yourself “hmmmm what could I do differently?…1 little decision.”

I like to think of it in the opposite direction… what I mean is… what is my goal?, then I reverse engineer it.

Let us help!

We have heard from some of our customers saying “I didn’t realize I needed organic tea in my life… now I really know how much sense it makes & I am so glad I did.” ” It’s not a hardship… it’s delicious too.”

Making that 1 little decision to kick toxins/pesticides to the curb, can change how you feel. You can have more sustainable energy throughout your day.

Maybe your choice is to replace a soda or energy drink with 25+ grams of sugar or worse yet full of artificial sweetener. You deserve better than that. We have better than that for you.

Let us help!

We are going somewhere … you are invited.

1 little decision can have great impact on how you feel, can change the trajectory of one’s life. We are here to help guide you.


Team My Loyal Tea Company

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