So many of you are not only tea sippers, but canine enthusiast.  This column is geared toward helping your dog achieve optimal health via herbal remedies.

The following is a list of organic herbs and their uses for your best friend to feel it’s very best:

For transient diarrhea or constipation: Slippery Elm-It’s a soothing nutritive demulcent that coats sensitive or inflamed mucous membranes.  This can be caused by a change in your dogs’ diet.  This herb is good for any type of stomach upset.  Occasionally dogs, especially older ones, may have a sluggish digestive system that may need to be kicked up a notch.  Some great digestion-aiding herbs include:  Cayenne, Dandelion root, Ginger and Turmeric.  You can simply sprinkle these on your dogs food.

Balancing the Immune System: Echinacea is an excellent herb for immune balancing.  Used on a periodic basis, this herb reinforces nealy all actions of immunity.  Echinacea also has strong wound-healing effects, is anti-inflammatory and is mildly active against some bacteria and viruses.

The liver: Milk Thistle Seed-This herb benefits the liver in at least four ways.  (1) It is cholagogic, helping increase bile flow.  (2) Strengthens & stablizes cell membranes. (3)  Acts as a potent antioxidan and slows the inflammatory respone, helping prevent further damage to the liver cells. (4) Stimulates protein synthesis, rebuilding cells that have been damaged from any type of liver disease.  You may use the seed or in it’s powdered form.

The Nervous System: Oats-Used to strengthen and provide overall support for the nervous system.  You can make a tea from oat straw and soak your dog’s food in it.  Another way for your dog to reap the benefits of oats is to boil about a pound of shredded organic oat straw in 2 quarts of water and add this to your dog’s bathwater.  It’s a wonderfully calming & healing bath with levels of skin-soothing salicylic acid.

St.-John’s Wart-Terrific for anxiety and tension, but is can be used whenever your dog is depressed or needs nerve healing.  This would be an excellent herb for separation anxiety.  Some other calming herbs are:  Valerian, Chamomile, Kava Kava, Lavender, Catnip (especially for a nervous stomach) and Skullcap.

The Urinary System: Dandelion Root is a potent diuretic, meaning it will make your dog urinate like a racehorse.  Good for bladder stones and infections.  Nettle is a diuretic, astringent and general tonic that is most useful for the animal experiencing painful urination.  Cranberry acidifies the urine, which helps control bacteria.

We are not doctors or veternarians, so please always seek advice from your pets vet.  They know him/her and any previous or current issues your pet may have.


Donna Delaney