As we head into year 4 ( Yaaaaay), of our  premium organic tea boutique that Victoria and I started online in 2018… We want to thank you, our beloved customers, community, family and friends. There’s so much to celebrate. You being at the very top of the list.

From the beginning- with every order, we created an individual Tea Experience for you or your  beloved gift recipient.

Part of what I love doing is writing our hand written thank you notes to you OR on your behalf. Thank you ( so many of you), have expressed, in multiple ways, how you appreciate, look forward to and feel how important you are to us, from our handwritten cards.

You’ve expressed that you love how your tea blends come packaged. You’re important to us. We want you to smile and feel a sense of peace and calm as you open your Tea Care Package.

And we did not stop there…

Two important truths we, my daughter/business partner Victoria and I  want you to know, from day one is: Number one- ALL our tea and herbal tea ingredients have to be organic. ALL of our tea and herbs are sourced from certified organic farmers and growers.

There is so much written about why we humans want to make choices to help the systems of our bodies operate as they were created -by reducing the toxins we take in.

The second – for years Victoria has been studying the research regards Tea(s) and Tinctures. Herbal teas can be blended together to be of help for specific purposes, however, these blends often do not taste good.

We set out to change that and we did too! A lot of our herbal blends are proprietary for this reason. Created for a purpose ( may we suggest you take a few minutes to peruse this website), so you can find blends that help you. Some important ones to have on hand.

You tell us ( and we- let me tell ya), we love hearing it too -how our tea is absolutely delicious. So many of you share how “we have spoiled you.” How you will never again  – “Grab a box of tea off the shelf.” You tell us you are done with crushed-up powder in tea bags made of plastic. High Five to you!

Oh how we enjoying creating for you.

To let you in on some of the behind the scenes – we at Team My Loyal tea Company, are creating what we are calling our 7 Series Blog Posts from some of the chapters of the book I am working on for you.

The Umbrella Title of this series is: 7 Lessor Known Benefits Of Creating A Morning Routine That Works For You…Starting With A Great Cup Of Tea.

You deserve 2022 to be filled with moments of being overjoyed and far less time of being in a state of overwhelm. We are polishing our framework to help you with this.

Let’s take a journey together…

So much more to come.

Lori Miller

Co-Owner/ Co-Founder- My Loyal Tea Company