This week I sent a newsletter talking about International Women’s Day. I wanted to honor some of our beloved customers, family and friends.To lift up and celebrate the roll we all play in the lives of our family, our friends… the beautiful humans we are here to help, in some way… to serve.

So I wanted to take a moment to share some of the positive things I see in the world we live in. After a year plus … some of the most challenging times to navigate. I see people, (I am going to talk about women for a moment because you Gals are who the celebration is about, in this blog.) However, the guys in my life are equally worth  celebrating and being super grateful for; of which I am. You know how important you are to me my family and friends. I tell you individually. High five to all of you!

High Five to all of us… it needs to be said multiple times, don’t you agree? Okay so back to here’s the difference I  am seeing and highly respect the following choices people make. I am surrounding myself with some of the most amazing women in business. Your energy and spirit of helps brings life. Your genuineness, awesomeness and authenticity that people are looking for in a much deeper way now, shine through. And the most impressive to me is, the entrepreneurial woman today has a deep desire to help their fellow human in whatever is needed at the time.

This is a blessing- in years past there was room for one woman at the table. Not anymore. There is room for all of us. 

We are here to help you. With the God given gifts and talents we are here to share some of the things we have learned and be a real help to you.

So much more to tell you, to teach you and to share.

… now this is a perfect way to start your day and prepare for a restful sleep

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with gratitude and grace,

Lori and Victoria

P.S. Thank you for all the love you show us. Love and Light back to all of you.




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